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About Us

Arc Outdoor Media Ltd. has carved a special niche in the area of outdoor media solutions. We have emerged pioneer in innovative outdoor communication mediums especially for the business promotion purposes. The wide ranging application of the Solar Energy modules in both indoor and outdoor media domains makes Arc Outdoor Media a leading player of the outdoor promotion.

Branding is all about visibility.

If advertising is a form of communication to influence individuals to purchase the products and services, Branding is an essential part of the advertising which is used to make a desired impact on perspective customers through high exposure of that message. More the visibility greater the impact. Thus, better result or return would be achieved.

This is where Arc Outdoor Media emerges winner. We have expertise and resources for achieving highest exposure of brands at the most viewed spots.

Branding at hot locations.

Arc Outdoor Media holds exclusive advertisement rights to promote brand messages at the most demanded locations in different metros and tier-2 cities in India.

People Says

Brain behind the Arc.

Rajeev Agarwal, CEO of Arc Outdoor Media, has always been a pusing factor in the success of the company, who comes with a rich experience of 14 years in media, finance and accounting. He is one of the exceptional entrepreneurs who has added invaluable assets to the business and has maintained excellent customer relationship over years

He works with his team to ensure the brands get highlightened properly and creatively across different geographical locations and important points so the message is communicated to a larger audience.

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